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Design Review

  • Establish fire and life safety goal and strategy
  • Maintain minimum code and standard requirement
  • Propose reasonable fire & life safety or alternative solutions
  • Preventing common failures from design and construction

Construction Review & Witness Performance Tests

  • Act as a third party reviewer and prevent mistakes caused by consultants and contractors on-site
  • Reduce risks of costly re-work, construction time extension and surprises!
  • Facilitate the process of certification and increase efficiency

FLS Auditing

  • Ensure existing systems are fit-for-purpose according to an operator’s standard
  • Review maintenance status and plan
  • Provide defects and deviation reports

Services Offered

Witness 3 Party Integration System & Performance Test
  • The main purpose is to ensure that all fire protection systems and related building equipment are integrated and interfaced or cross wiring between the systems properly.
  • The fire protection systems that are included in this scope; such as, the fire alarm system, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems and smoke control systems.
  • The fire protection systems that are included in this scope; such as, the fire alarm system, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems and smoke control systems.
  • Fusion will ensure the integrity of fire protection systems by reviewing the 100% testing report from MEP contractors and site consultants.
  • Test & commissioning
  • Certify system compliance
Building Inspection
  • The standard sets out minimum requirements for the structured auditing of fire safety engineering measures in the facilities.
  • This will cover a general requirements principle of fire safety engineering standard applying both local and NFPA code.
  • Our professional staffs will perform and cover full inspection & identify gaps on means of egress, fire compartment and fire protection using matrix with the latest versions of NFPA life safety code/local code including fire protection systems and local building ministerial regulations.
Design Review
  • Provide guidelines and fire strategies to designer and architecture
    • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code,
    • NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (2016)
    • NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code
    • NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of sprinkler Systems
    • NFPA 14 Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems (2016)
  • Review fire protection engineering design and MEP system,
    • Fire detection and alarm system
    • Fire pump, fire standpipe and hose systems
    • Automatic sprinkler systems
    • Other fire suppression systems such as handheld extinguisher, clean agent fire suppression, wet chemical fire suppression etc.
  • Create value by ensuring that designers are working on appropriate design criteria and framework
  • Define applicable international, local code and Thai regulation to meet fire safety design goal of the project
  • Study the fire safety strategies for means of egress, fire resistance-rated construction, evacuation plan and occupancy load
Construction Review
  • Site inspection during construction phase to ensure accurate construction and installation according to the designs
  • Prevent mistakes or misunderstanding caused by consultants and contractors on-site
  • Reduce risks of costly re-work and construction time extension
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) and Pathfinder will be used for determining fire/smoke development and pedestrian evacuation simulation respectively, which are increasingly becoming a part of performance-based analyses to assess the level of life safety provided in buildings

Timesaving, confident and visual result

Address the benefits of transitioning from hand calculations to software simulation for egress and tenable conditions analysis

Enable practical solution to egress/detection/suppression design and safety management systems during operation

Fire safety Management & Evacuation Strategy
  • Safety management systems (SMS)
  • Emergency response plan (ERP)
  • Evacuation Strategy (horizontal and vertical)
  • Audit and record analysis
  • Training and workshop
Failure Investigation (Fire Incident forensics)
  • Provide thirdparty investigating services and an analytical report which would include sequence of event and possible causes of fire
  • Study possible incident. scenarios based on fire science and engineering
  • Report preventive recommendations
Fire Risk Assessment
  • Identify (checklist) the level of hazard to high, medium, low risk and action plan to assess the factors accordingly.
  • Ensure that fire protection systems comply to NFPA standard and meet local requirements.

Field of Specialization

Fusion Fire Safety areas of expertise are provided as follows

  • Fire pump design, installation and testing
  • Fire hose systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire compartment
  • Mean of Egress
  • EXIT signage
  • Emergency lighting
  • Occupancy load
  • Travel distance & common path
  • Emergency response plan
  • Materials/Product/environments
  • Initial devices for emergency warning such as smoke/heat detectors, manual pull station, gas detector etc.
  • Fire alarm sequence, Input /Output matrix
  • Smoke compartment
  • Smoke exhaust fan
  • Pressurised fire escape stairs and fireman lift lobby