Emsphere Shopping Mall
 The Mall Group


Emphere is the new shopping mall located around Phompong station. The project involves the construction of a shopping mall with a built-up area of 200,000m2 on 8ha of land. It includes the construction of retail units, food courts, entertainment facilities, commercial space, a 1,000-seat art and performance center, parking facility and access roads, and the installation of safety and security systems.

Project background

The Mall Group is building a shopping mall “Emsphere” in Sujhumvit area near Phrompong station. Mixed-Use project, including shopping mall, commercial space and performance centre.


The Mall Group

Project Area

200,000 sq.m.

Project Location

Prompong station

Project Description

Shopping Mall and commercial space


Fire Life Safety design review, site inspection for construction phase and evacuation calculation (egress)